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2021 is the first year of the Big Read; hopefully the first of many. Our first book is Leo Tolstoy’s famous War & Peace. At over 1,300 pages, it’s one of the longer classics you’ll ever encounter, and yet surprisingly readable. It’s easier than Moby Dick; easier, at times, than Les Miserables. The beauty of Tolstoy is in his relatable characters, his avoidance of easy black and white answers, and, most relevant to today, his wisdom regarding how to live in turbulent, earth-shattering times. How do we relate to others, especially when they aren’t in the same social world as us? How do we view the tides of history when we’ve living in them? Can war and peace really be separated and easily delineated? The questions are as big as they come.

Join us in 2021 as we read War & Peace. With 361 chapters, averaging just 4 pages per chapter, it’s easy to get through the classic book with just 10-15 minutes per day of reading.

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